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Nuna PIPAFIX i-Size Base R44/R129 for Infant Carrier Pipa Icon

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Número-artículo: 10001477;0
Número de artículo del fabricante: IF-10-001GL
EAN: 8717903884874
Peso: 9,60 Kg
incl. 19% IVA Más los gastos de envío
Disponible, no en stock
tiempo de Entrega 9 Dias
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NUNA PIPAFIX Base (R44/R129)

Cruise Control

Being a parent is full of individual opportunities, but everyone wants to be smart and safe right from the start. That's why we've expanded our super secure ISOFIX base to be even more versatile. With the introduction of the PIPAFIX base, we enable you to choose the PIPA combination that best suits your family.

Just as quick and easy to handle as our 0+ PIPA baby seat, the new base is now also compatible with our i-size certified PIPA icon infant carrier in case you prefer to carry your little passenger even more safely and therefore even longer backwards want.

A better base for you and your kids - so you (all) can enjoy the ride.


  • Affords the same award winning, sleek, sleek and supremely secure Nuna PIPA Group 0+ infant carrier and its i-size version, the PIPA icon


  • The true lock ™ ISOFIX installation makes assembly fast, easy, and above all - safe.
  • A steel support leg provides stability and minimizes forward movement in an impact by up to 90%*
  • The built-in crumple zone absorbs the impact and reduces the impact force on the baby
  • *compared to a system without a support foot


  • Can be mounted in less than 5 seconds and with 2 simple and intuitive steps in the car
  • Installation instructions and colored displays on the ISOFIX connectors, the base and the support foot minimize handling errors
  • ISOFIX-free option: the base can also be safely attached with the seat belt **
  • PIPA and PIPA icon can both be released from PIPAFIX Base with just one touch of a button
  • Easy release buttons also make changing the base to another car a breeze
  • The support leg folds under the base when not in use
  • **When installing without ISOFIX connectors, the i-Size criteria are not met; when installing with the PIPA baby seat and ISOFIX connectors, the i-Size criteria are not met


  • Recommended usage: 40 - 85 cm, up to 13 kg
  • Product dimensions: 57.5 cm high x 33 cm wide x 43 cm deep
  • Weight: 6.25 kg


6,3 kg
57,5 x 33 x 43 cm


UN R 129 (i-Size)
Del nacimiento a los 13 kg
40 - 85 cm

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con cinturón de 3 puntos del vehículo

Tests & Awards

GUT 2,5 - 10/2017 mit PIPA icon

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